Your Windows 8 apps are crashing suddenly? Here are some solutions for that!


Windows 8 runs a new kind of apps named as Metro Modern or some say them the ‘new style’ apps but, we will be calling them Windows 8 apps. These apps run in a new interface unlike the traditional desktop (x86) apps and hence, these apps face new problems like non-respond or crashing. Non-responding is due to hardware problems but, crashing of apps is completely a software problem which can be fixed.

Windows 8 apps can crash for a couple of reasons and some of the app crashes can be stopped while others can’t. Windows 8, without the Windows 8 apps is complete useless and when the apps start crashing then, Windows 8 completely fails as the new UI and apps have no use. But, don’t worry, we will help you diagnose and fix the app crashes and hope the apps won’t crash in future.

Before proceeding to the solution, let’s talk about the different ways apps can crash.

  • Crash on launch: Some Windows 8 apps would simply crash when you press the tile to launch and pressing the tile repeatedly won’t do anything. You would just see the splash screen or some other app pictures before its crash.
  • Crash after some use: Sometimes, the apps just crash suddenly while working fine. The app keeps working fine and then, the next second the app crashes and you are taken back to the Start Screen.
  • Apps crash on some feature: The apps keep working fine until you access any feature of app and the app crashes e.g. Mail app crashes when the reply button is pressed etc.

The above reasons are just the most common ones which are the main causes of app crashes. There may be more which can cause the apps to crash.


Let’s see the solutions for different problems which have been divided into primary (important and mostly occurring) and secondary (not important and less occurring).


  • Memory:

Most apps use a lot of RAM and if, not available then, the apps would simply crash. Even for me, Windows 8 apps crash despite the 3GB RAM of my laptop when I open up a lot of desktop and Windows 8 apps.


First of all, make sure that there is enough free memory (RAM) available for your Windows 8 and its apps. If, there is not enough RAM then, Windows may become laggy and the apps would crash automatically to save memory for the OS.

Also, make sure you close the Windows 8 apps which you don’t want to use as it would save memory.

  • Drivers:

Windows 8 apps may start crashing if, any of the driver is not compatible with Windows 8. Windows 8 apps usually start crashing after installing drivers for graphics card.

My Windows 8 apps were constantly crashing after splash screen when I installed the graphics driver from AMD. Even the Camera and Store app wasn’t running. Uninstalling the drivers fixed the problem and all apps stopped crashing.


If, you think you apps are crashing due to the Windows 8 drivers, it’s better to uninstall those drivers. Also, who needs graphics card drivers when, Windows 8 comes with it pre-installed. I haven’t installed drivers on any of my Windows 8 PC and all PC’s are working fine with full hardware acceleration.

If, you are not sure which driver is causing the crash, simply uninstall them all and install one by one and see when the apps start crashing after installing each.


  • App problem:

If, you don’t have any problem from the above mentioned ones then, the app crashing may be due to app corruption. Installing a lot of apps can corrupt any Windows 8 app files and the app can start crashing.


The best solution to fix app crashing is by uninstalling the app (follow the instructions here to uninstall) and reinstalling them again from Store.

You can reinstall all the Windows 8 apps from Store except the Store app which can’t be uninstalled. I bet your Store app won’t crash unless you have memory or driver problems.

Windows 8 Apps can also crash due to poor coding. If, you downloaded an app which has been coded poorly, then the app can crash. There is no solution for that unless the developer releases a fix in update (follow the instructions here to install app updates).

  • App feature problem:

If, your Windows 8 apps crash after initiating a certain command e.g. starting to play a game, playing music/video etc. then, this might be due to the memory available for the app.


If, you are trying to play music, video, some game or other multimedia item then, the app may crash due to the low memory available. You can try clearing up the memory by closing unnecessary apps.

If, your app crashes after giving a certain command then, it may be due to the bugs. It’s better to notify the developer or if, any update is available, install it. There is nothing you can do if, a certain app crashes on a certain problem.

Well, these were the main reasons of app crashing and hopefully the solutions would have fixed your app crashes.

If, you are having some other problem or the app crash isn’t fixed then, be sure to share it with us using the comments below and we would be happy to help you fix it.


Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.

  • RobertG

    Various Win 8 apps crash upon launch. Builtin ones as well as ones I’ve installed.
    If I keep at it, they may eventually load. So none of the solutions mentioned would apply.
    I’ve discovered it is tied to my user account. (which was upgraded from Win7)
    I created a new login account and logged in with that. No apps crash and I installed 3rd party ones(it seems the win8 apps are per user) and they did not crash either.
    So it is something in my regular user account profile.

    • Is the same account being used on some other machine? and are you using a local account or a Microsoft one?

  • Caroline

    Whenever I click on any of my apps from the start menu I no longer get anything other than a blank screen except for the logo of the app but there are no news tiles on the news app, NO photo tiles on the selection of the photo app and there are NO videos to be seen on the video app – this is the same for pretty much all of my apps, what has happened? Everything has worked fine for the past 2 weeks. In addition to the apps the overall opening of files has also slowed down. My hard drive usage is 82 GB versus capacity of 420GB – which I wouldn’t have thought should have a negative effect and has 6GB RAM. Grateful for any advice as this is really frustrating especially as it is a brand new computer. My husband thinks it could be a problem due to Chrome – is this a possiblity? Thank you, Caroline

    • Hi Caroline.

      First of all, can you see the apps in all apps menu? You can go to all apps menu by pressing right click or swiping from top (on touch screen) in Start Screen. Select ‘All apps’ from the bar on bottom and see if, any of the app appears there.
      Let me know so, I can help you further and no, Chrome doesn’t do anything if, you install is regularly.

  • Suddenly, today all Metro apps quit opening except the Desktop app, Change PC settings, and the Store. However, the store crashes immediately. I have had no hardware or software changes lately. No Metro app opens – even to a blank screen or flashes to the logo screen – except the Store which immediately crashes. I can’t find any help about this anywhere. I tried running the troubleshooter which “fixed” some things, but nothing has changed. Disabling my AV software didn’t help either.

  • Chrisanthos Nonis

    Metro apps SUCK! I hate them, are slow and not stable at all! I don’t give a shit about the new interface and shit of Microsoft.

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  • Bob Dome

    10 gig of ram and apparently i dont have enough to run windows 8 music lol

  • Hunk

    Win 8.1 Music as well as Store app isn’t working…
    the moment it starts the app pauses and then crashes

  • adeller

    Both firefox and chrome are crashing after some time (few minutes to 1h) while internet explorer isn’t
    I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall, done various adware removals and registry cleanup but couldn’t fix the issue
    In the Windows event observer I can see APPCRASH errors realtiv to those crashes…
    Any idea how to solve this ?
    Brand new ASUS 16GRAM 1000G SD Windos 8.1 no memory issues

    Thank You very much

  • Sanchit

    I’ve a Lenovo Ideapad Z585 running Windows 8.1
    I was unable to adjust the brightness from settings option. On updating the graphics driver from the manufacturers website, theeproblem was resolved but a new issue cropped up of app crashing. Music, Camera, Skype crashed after being opened for 3 seconds. As you are saying it can be due to the installation of graphics driver, but I can’t uninstall the drivers either, as no other solution fixed the brightness issue. Please tell what should I do.

    • Have you tried installing the latest omega drivers for your ATI graphics card? Those drivers might help and fix this issue.
      Also, you can try the drivers from Microsoft which work for me and currently, using those for my laptop.
      If the above two can’t solve your issue then, you will be left with no option other than installing legacy Microsoft drivers to be able to run those apps.