Yahoo! Mail app for Windows 8/RT is now available in Store – Hands on


Yahoo!, one of the oldest web mail provider has recently revamped all its mail service and this revamp also includes a new Windows 8/RT app for mails. The app is a dedicated one for Yahoo! Mails for Windows 8/RT and has user interface similar to the new Yahoo webmail UI which is pretty awesome. You can view emails, respond to them, create new email, view spam and manage mail folders right from within the app.

Yahoo! Mail app for Windows 8 is the first ever dedicated Mail client app for Windows 8/RT which is available in Store. This mail app by Yahoo is simply awesome and seems more like the Mail app of Windows 8.

You can view the mails in all your folders right in the app. The interface is similar to the Mail app of Windows 8 by Microsoft where the folders are showed on the far left side, emails in the second column and full mails on the right column.

The toolbar on the top of screen remains static throughout the app but, some buttons are added if, needed. The app bar shows the options like back, forward, respond, compose, Move and Trash etc.

The compose mail page is also very similar to the Mail app by Microsoft where you have the option to add the recipients on the left side and other options like title, body etc on the right side. The point to note is that you don’t get the options to format mail e.g. add bullets, emoticons, paragraph etc.

You can search any of your mails using the Search Charm of Windows 8 and everything with that keyword would be showed in the list.

The app Settings includes the options like General, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Sign out etc. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use takes you to browser but, General opens up another settings page where your current account id is showed followed by signature options.

The app asks for permission to run in the background when you launch it for the first time. The app has live tiles which shows the unread mail count and newest mails just like the Mail app of Windows 8.

Yahoo! Mail app is available in Store for download free of cost and has a size of just 487KB. You can download Yahoo! Mail app for Windows 8 from link below.


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