How to Get XP, Vista or Windows 7 Style Start Menu and Start Button in Windows 8 Consumer Preview


You can now get the Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 style start menus on your desktop of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In addition to these start menus, you also get a Start button on the taskbar of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which was missing. Best of all, Metro-UI is also accessible from special keys which are also customizable. You can also get a special Metro-Style Start Menu which gives the start menu a Metro look.

Classic Shell for Window 8 Consumer Preview gives you the option to add a start menu and a start button on the desktop just like the previous version of Windows i.e. Windows 7, Vista or XP.


Classic Shell for Windows 8 has the following features:

  • Brings back the Start button on the taskbar of Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  • Brings back the start menu on the desktop of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which is launch able from the start button just like the previous Windows 7, Vista or XP.
  • You can choose from different skins to set as the start menu e.g. Glass look, Metro look, Window 7 aero/basic look, Vista look and even Windows XP look etc.
  • The start button is also customizable with different style’s e.g. Metro look, Aero look and even the classic Windows 98 button is also there.
  • You can access the Metro-UI anytime by choosing hotkeys like ‘Shift + Windows’ or pressing the start button while holding the shift key.
  • You can customize the Start Menu’s in different ways like text size, number of columns, color schemes, what to show in start menu etc.

Many Windows 8 Consumer Preview users have been complaining about the removal of start button from the taskbar. While, some are looking for the start button, others keep searching the ways to switch back to Windows 7 Start menu and disable the Metro-UI. This new and amazing software does both the jobs without any hack.

You can customize the start menu by right clicking the start button brought up by the Classic Shell and by selecting ‘Settings’. This would bring up the settings menu which you can use to customize dozens of different options.

This awesome software is available for download. Just visit the link below and your download would start automatically.

Download Classic Shell


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