Windows Phone was the most-adapted mobile OS during February 2015 with 0.41% gain in share


Windows Phone, the mobile OS by Microsoft for smartphones was the most-adapted mobile platform during the month of February 2015 which gained 0.41% of share. Android lost its share with Apple’s iOS gaining a small fraction.


The latest statistics by Net Market Share shows that Windows Phone was the most growing mobile OS in the world during the month of February 2015 which increased to 2.66%. Android lost a huge-number of share with iOS going up to 42.61%.

Windows Phone holds a total share of 2.66% in the worldwide mobile OS market which has increased from 2.25% of January 2015. Windows Phone has become the most-gaining mobile platform who gained 0.41% of share during the month of February 2015.

Coming to other mobile platforms and the competitors of Windows Phone, Android which is also the most popular OS in the world has lost its market share as compared to last month. Android holds 46.87% of share going down from 47.45% for the month of January 2015.

Apple’s iOS, which is the second most post popular mobile OS in the world gained small fraction of share by going from 42.59% to 42.61% in a month.

The other gaining OS was Symbian which now holds 3.43% of share while others like Java and BlackBerry went down to 3.32% and 0.96% of share respectively.

This spike in the market share of Windows Phone might be the result of early launch of Windows 10 for Phones which carries more awesome features and combines the app and user experience of Windows PC and mobile.

Source: Net Market Share


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