Windows Phone is being used by 6.2-million users in the US holding 3.6% share of all smartphones


Exact sales figure of Windows Phone have always been kept in dark by Microsoft and we also don’t get exact figures from third party analytical companies. ComScore, a popular such company, has released new figures for the month of September 2014 where Windows Phone had about 3.6% of total smartphone market share in the United States.


According to the statistics by Comscore, Windows Phone is the third most popular mobile OS in the US holding a 3.6% of total market share. While the most popular OS is still Android followed by iOS by Apple for iPhones and iPads.

ComScore announced that the smartphone shipment in the month of September 2014 went to 174-million where 52.1% were Android devices followed by iOS on second place with share of 41.7%. Windows Phones counted to just 3.6% devices making 6.26-million users.

Interestingly, Windows Phone users increased just 0.2% over the period of one year where 3.4% Windows Phones were available in September 2013.

Comscore has also released the statistics for smartphone OEMs and top 10 apps on smartphones. Top 5 OEMs include Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC while Nokia/Microsoft aren’t included in top 5 OEMs.

Coming to the apps, only few of the top 15 apps are available officially on Windows Phone including Facebook on first, Google search on fourth and Facebook Messenger on sixth. Instagram comes on 9th position. Rest of top 15 apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Yahoo Stocks and Apple Maps etc are not available on Windows Phone.

Additionally, 95% of 6.2-million Windows Phones are owned by Nokia in the US and Lumia 520 is the most popular Windows Phone device in US. You can see rest of the Windows Phone stats about Windows Phone OEMs and device models in this stats article.

Source: ComScore


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