Windows Phone shipments in US went to 6.6-million in Q4 and January 2015 with 3.6% share


The latest smartphone shipment statistics of Windows Phone shows an increase of 0.1% over the last 3 months ending January 2015. Windows Phone shipment accounted for 3.6% of all smartphones shipped in US resulting in 6.6-million Windows Phones shipped.


According to the latest shipment statistics by ComScore, Windows Phone shipment went up by 0.1% over the last quarter of 2014 ending in January 2015. Android shipments gained 0.9% while Apple’s smartphone shipments decreased by 0.6%.

A total of 184-million smartphones were shipped to US during the holiday season of 2014 which accounted 53.2% of Android devices, 41.3% of Apple, 3.6% of Windows Phones and 1.8% and 0.1% of BlackBerry and Symbian respectively.

3.6% of Windows Phones sales means 6.624-million smartphones shipped which means the holiday season was successful for Microsoft’s mobile version of Windows.

Talking about the competitors, Apple shipped 75.992-million smartphones which has went down from 77.096-million for the third quarter of 2014 ending October 2014.

97.888-million Android smartphones were shipped in Q4 of 2014 which has increased from 96.232-million from third quarter of 2015.

This increase in shipments of Windows Phone might also be the reason for increase of market share during the month of February 2015 which has went to 2.66% in just a month.

So, are you using Windows Phone or some other smartphone?

Source: ComScore


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