Windows Phone now holds 2.13% of worldwide mobile market share with Android and iOS leading


Windows Phone is no doubt not the most-popular mobile OS in the world but, there are millions of Windows Phones out there – 50 million Windows Phone devices as per Opera executive. Now, the latest statistics for the month of November 2014 shows that Windows Phone is on 2.13% of all mobile devices around the world.


According to the statistics by Net MarketShare, Windows Phone is now running on 2.13% of all smartphones in the world. This ratio seems very less but, seeing that Windows Phone is not preferred by OEMs for their devices and people don’t prefer it over Android or iOS due to lack of apps in Store this is still amazing.

Interestingly, Windows Phone is slowly gaining in the market share but, still it is far-behind the leaders, Android and iOS who hold 45.78% and 44.61% of share respectively.

Coming to the 2.13% of Windows Phone, about 50% of that includes Windows Phone 8.1 users and 95% devices are the Lumia Windows Phones by Microsoft formerly Nokia. You can read more about the detailed statistics about Windows Phone devices, their manufacturers etc in this stats article.

So, which mobile OS are you using?

Source: Net Market Share


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