Windows Phone is being used by 50-million users as per Opera executive – Really?


Windows Phone has always been slow in gaining a lot of market share ever since its launch by Microsoft and people as well as different firms have always been providing different shaded numbers about Windows Phone users and sales. Now, Opera has released some interesting numbers about Windows Phone users where the browser maker has announced 50-million users on Microsoft’s mobile based OS.


While announcing the quarterly revenue, Opera’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, Erik Harrell announced that the partnership between Microsoft and Opera for the Opera browser for Windows Phone has been successful.

He added that there are ’50-million users on this platform’ which encourages them to continue developing their browser experience on Microsoft’s mobile version of Windows, Windows Phone.

Opera launched the Windows Phone version of Opera mini back in early September 2014 and its still in beta after two months of launch.

50-million Windows Phone users seems plausible but, we can’t really believe these numbers from Opera since, Windows Phone has always been on just few percent devices around the world where 2.38% of total mobile devices were Windows Phones in the month of October 2014.

Additionally, if 2.3% means 50-million users for Windows Phone, it would be interesting to see how much users other mobile platforms like Android and iOS have which are dominating the market with over 80% of total market share which can get to billions. Also, 50-million users might mean 50-million downloads from Windows Store which can be possible.

It is to be noted that Microsoft has never shared the exact figures about the Windows Phone users with public and we still can’t hope to get any such number, any time soon.

So, do you actually believe there are 50-million Windows Phone users around the world?

Source: Opera’s Quarterly Earning report


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