Windows Phone gains 0.15% of market share in December 2014 with 2.28% worldwide


Windows Phone is slowly gaining market share in the worldwide mobile market share where the mobile version of Windows has gained 0.15% going up to 2.28% of share in just a month.


According to the latest statistics by Net Market Share, Windows Phone holds 2.28% of market share with the Android and iOS still leading by gap.

Windows Phone has went up from 2.13% to 2.28% over the month of December 2014 which seems pretty good for Microsoft.

Android is leading the market with 45.86% and iOS is the second popular OS worldwide with 43.15% of share.

Windows Phone is slowly gaining market share and this is expected to increase with the launch of Windows 10 where Microsoft will merge the Windows on PC and Windows on mobile where same apps would be used on both platforms.

Source: Net Applications


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