Windows Phone 8.1: What’s the best alternate of official YouTube app by Google in Store


The relationship between Google and Microsoft is well-known for Windows Phone users where Google has refused to develop official Google apps for Windows Phone. Many popular Google services like the YouTube, Google Plus and many others are missing the official apps in Store.

Windows Phone users have been kept in dark and they have to depend on third party apps or browsers to browser Google services. Although, there are some alternatives of official apps in Store but, they lack some of the feature making it more difficult to use Google Services.

One such service is the popular and probably the most popular video sharing site, YouTube which is missing the official app by Google in Store. Although, Microsoft tried to developer an app for Windows Phone users but, Google killed the API that was being used to power that app and hence, we don’t have a YouTube app in Store by either of giants.

What’s the best third part YouTube client app in Store for Windows Phone as an alternate of official app?

Although, there are dozens of YouTube apps in Store but, not all of them have the features to become the alternate of the official app.

Our app of choice to be used as the alternate of the official YouTube app is the ‘SuperTube’ app for Windows Phone. This awesome app not only provides the features of official app but, you also gets some amazing additional features.


‘SuperTube’ for Windows Phone has the following features:

  • Play YouTube videos in HD similar to official app
  • Ability to sign in to your YouTube account
  • Discover the popular videos in your region
  • Browser videos by category
  • Ad fre video playback
  • Search for your favorite videos and channels in separate categories.
  • Ability to search playlists is also there
  • Upload videos to your YouTube channel
  • Subscribe to YouTube channels
  • Leave comments and like videos
  • Save your favorite videos for offline playback
  • Add videos to your ‘watch later’ list


Another awesome thing about SuperTube becoming our choice of best alternate of official YouTube app is the frequent updates by developer who keeps improving the app and adds new features. The application is free to use in all features but, includes advertisement – that’s the one thing you have to compromise in third part apps – but, you can always buy the paid version priced $1.29 from Store which will give you add free experience.

SuperTube is available for download from Store for free and has a download size of just 4MB.

You can visit our Alternates section for more alternatives of official app in Store for Windows Phone.

Download SuperTube

SuperTube WP


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