Windows Phone 8.1 tip: How to show/hide notifications in Action Center on Lock Screen


Windows Phone 8.1 has got dozens of features and one of them is the ability to show Notifications Center where you get all the notifications from your phone and its services even when they have passed. The notifications bar, as we usually call it, is actually called ‘Action Center’ in Windows Phone.

The action center lets you access your notifications and other action center functions like quick action buttons. The Action Center is available throughout the Windows Phone and you can always bring it up by swiping down from top edge of screen.

The Action Center is also accessible from Lock Screen of your Windows Phone where you can see all your notifications and access quick action button without unlocking your phone.


By default, your Windows Phone will show full Action Center with notifications on lock screen (refer the screenshot above) but, you can always customize it to show just the action button. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘notifications + actions’. Here you will see a check box mentioning ‘Show notification in action center when phone is locked’, uncheck it.


Now, you won’t get the full notifications bar in action center instead, just the action buttons would be showed.


Note: If your Windows Phone is password protected then, you will always see just the action buttons whereas, notifications would be showed.

Action Center on lock screen is very useful for people like me who want to toggle different switches. You can even access camera from the action center buttons if you have added the shortcut which saves a lot of time to unlock your phone and launch the camera button if your phone don’t have a physical camera button.

So, do you prefer to get full notifications in action center or you use the action center buttons?

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