Windows Phone 8.1 tip: How to change default ‘Camera’ app to launch quickly from button


Almost all Windows Phone devices (except newer devices like Lumia 530, 630 and HTC One etc) comes with the hardware camera button which lets you launch the camera app easily in seconds. Hardware camera button can be very useful to launch the Camera without the need to go through the long process of unlocking your phone and then pressing the Camera tile to launch.


Windows Phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and HTC did an awesome job by adding the hardware camera buttons on their Windows Phone devices which of-course was mandatory for phone manufacturers – this requirement has now been removed by Microsoft.

Camera button is very useful when you want to instantly launch the camera app just to capture a moment and this can sometime result in the capturing of a memorable photo. Camera button saves you a lot of hassle to launch camera app which is also very user friendly. I personally, use the camera button on my Lumia devices a lot – I always launch the camera app by pressing the hardware button even while using the phone.

By default, pressing the camera button on your device will launch the Microsoft Camera app which comes with pretty standard options. But, if you are a photography lover and own a Lumia phone and use Nokia Camera for awesome shots then, you might want to change your default camera app to that one or you can use any other app which is supported.

Note: If you don’t have the Camera button on your Lumia device but, still have added the Camera shortcut to the action center then, you can also change the default camera app for that.


Follow the instructions below to change your default Camera app from Microsoft Camera to any other app.


  • First of all, launch ‘Settings’. Here swipe left or right to access ‘applications’ section.
  • Look for ‘photos+camera’ and press it.


  • Your photos+camera settings page will open. Here look for the option named ‘Default camera app’. Select your desired one from the provided list.

Tip: Only a handful of Camera apps are supported by Windows Phone to be launched as default app including Nokia Camera.


  • Once changed, you will be able to launch that app by pressing the camera button or the camera shortcut from action center.
  • That’s all! Happy photography without losing your precious moments.

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