Windows Phone 8.1: How to test the orientation, accelerometer and other sensors for accuracy


Smartphones need a couple of sensors to work properly and the most important ones are orientation and the accelerometer which lets your phone’s screen rotate once an application requires it.

Sensors don’t stop working very often but, they can start behaving awkwardly on different occasion and you might feel that the sensor is out of order but, you can’t be sure. But, you can always test your Windows Phone’s sensors manually to check for their accuracy.


Hardware Tests app for Windows Phone 8.1 lets you test the sensors of your Windows Phone and Lumia devices and by checking you can determine whether your phone needs a repair or not.

Simply download the app from the link below and launch it. You will see the dashboard where basic information about Windows Phone would be displayed. Swipe right to access the tests screen.

Here select Accelerometer, Orientation and/or other sensors under ‘Hardware tests’ to test them. Each sensor will be tested in its own manner and you would also be showed whether that specific sensor is support by your Windows Phone or not.


Hardware tests is available for free from Windows Store and has a download size of just 2MB and will run on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Download Hardware TestsHardware test WP 8.1


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