Windows Phone 8.1 now holds half of global Windows Phone market share with Lumias leading


The new Windows Phone market share statistics for the month of November 2014 are here and its no surprise to see the Windows Phone 8.1 leading the Windows Phone market taking about 50% of global market with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7 behind. Coming to the devices, Lumia 520 is still the leader of the pack in almost all countries whereas, Lumia 635 is increasing rapidly.


According to the statistics by AdDuplex, Windows Phone 8.1 has finally become the version taking 50.8% of total Windows Phone market share with Windows Phone 8 having 33.5% share followed by 15.7% of Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 8.1 has increased from 46.7% as compared to last month whereas, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7 have decreased from 36.8% and 16.6% respectively, worldwide.


The US have different statistics where Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 are very close with 8.1 getting 46.6% with 8.0 still leading with 47.5% share. Windows Phone 8 might be popular in US due to lack of Windows Phone 8.1 updates for devices by Carriers where Verizon and T-Mobile still have to update most of their devices.


Coming to the Windows Phone devices, Lumia devices by Microsoft formerly Nokia are being used by 94.99% Windows Phone users with the rest of 5% being divided between Samsung, HTC, Huawei and others. Samsung and HTC have lost their share with Huawei gaining a fraction while ‘Others’ have gained significant share, globally.


Coming to the Windows Phone devices by model, Lumia 520 is leading the worldwide markets including US followed by other low-to-medium-end Lumia devices whereas, high-end phones are very less in share. Lumia 520, the low-end budget-friendly Windows Phone, is still the leader of the market despite its launch back in early 2013.


Another Lumia device to keep an eye out is the Lumia 635, another entry-level Windows Phone. Lumia 635 has gained pretty much market share in the last month making it the most gaining Windows Phone device in a month.

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Source: AdDuplex


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