Windows Blue would include Windows, Windows Phone and Live service refresh


Windows 8 has been in the marker for about a bit more than three months but, the rumors of the next OS and the successor Windows 8 have already started. We have already heard that Microsoft will release a new OS codenamed as Windows Blue which will include annual updates and cheap upgrades with new features and would be an extension to current Windows 8. But, now, some new reports suggest that Windows Blue won’t just be an update but, it’s a wave of updates which will include Windows, Windows Phone and Windows Live Services like SkyDrive and Hotmail etc.

Windows 8 Core and Pro box

ZDNet, through unnamed sources familiar with the plans of Software giant, reports that Windows Blue won’t just include the update for Windows OS but, other Microsoft products like Windows Phone and online services like SkyDrive and Hotmail would also be part of it.

Although, ZDNet doesn’t mention any new features or updates which would be included in Windows Blue but, the latest Portico update for Windows Phone 8 was part of it. Windows Blue will also introduce better battery performance for devices.

Windows Blue will update each and every service by Microsoft but, all services won’t be updated at one instead, the updates will be divided in parts. Once updated, the service will keep getting future updates to fix issues and introduce new features.

Windows Blue is expected to be released in mid-2013 as per previous reports and we also expect low pricing in that update but, the thing to notice is that Windows 8 won’t be replaced instead, Windows 8 will keep getting updates while in parallel, Widows Blue would be released with annual updates and low pricing.

Source: ZDNet


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