Windows Blue will get optimized boot time and Bing search integration


We already know that the successor of Windows 8, Windows Blue will introduce low pricing with free upgrades for Windows 8 users and smaller form factor support. Windows Blue will refresh not only Windows PC’s but, Windows mobile devices and the online service like SkyDrive and Mail service by Microsoft would also be updated in Blue wave. Now, another source reports that Windows Blue will also feature better Bing search integration and the kernel which has been updated to 6.3 would have better boot timing and low disk footprint in hard drive.

Windows Blue will get optimized boot time and Bing search integration

We know that Windows Blue is being developed by Microsoft and it has reached the milestone build 1 (M1) and the preview is expected soon in few monts but, now, more and more details about the upcoming OS by Microsoft are appearing.

We have already seen few leaks showing the build 9319 of Windows Blue with kernel version of 6.3 and the Internet Explorer 11 but, now, The Verge reports that Windows Blue will also feature better search integration than the Windows 8 and users would be able to search for their desired content using the Search Charms which would use the Bing integration whereas, currently in Windows 8, users had to use Bing Search app to search for the content.

Verge says that Windows Blue will get better boot timing thanks to the change in Kernel which has jumped to 6.3 from 6.2 of Windows 8 and Windows Blue will also decrease the disk footprint on hard drives hence, providing more disk space for users to store data.

Windows Blue will also be optimized for smaller form factors ranging from 7 – 8 inches whereas, currently, only 10-inch or larger devices are supported by Windows 8.

Windows Blue is scheduled for mid-2013 launch and the preview version is expected soon in few months. Windows Blue won’t just include feature updates but, it will get low pricing and annual updates and current Windows 8 users may get it for free.

Source: The Verge


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