Windows Blue, the successor of Windows 8 with feature updates and low pricing has been reported for mid-2013 launch. Windows Blue would revamp all Microsoft products like Windows, Windows Mobile and online service e.g. SkyDrive and Mail etc. but, now, it has been reported that Windows Blue would be offered for free for current Windows 8 users.

Windows Blue upgrade would be offered for free for current Windows 8 users

Win8China, a major source of leaks about Windows Blue reports that Windows Blue would be offered as a free upgrade for current Windows 8 users but, you will need to have an activated legal version of Windows 8 to upgrade. Same was reported earlier by The Verge where it was suggested that Microsoft may offer Windows Blue for free.

Windows Blue has been reported to be in development where the milestones build 1 (M1) has been completed and the preview version is expected to be released soon, possibly in few months. Windows Blue will get interface changes as well as under the hood changes where the kernel version would be upgraded to 6.3. Windows Blue will also get a new, 11th version of Internet Explorer 11 but, leaked images doesn’t show anything new.

Well, it has been confirmed that Windows Blue is under development by Microsoft and the preview version is also expected soon which would be offered for free and final version would be upgradable from Windows 8 if, you own a legally activated copy.

Source: Win8China | Image via: Win8China

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