Windows 9 (Threshold) to get notifications center and no-desktop for tablets


Microsoft will be making dozens of changes in the upcoming successor of Windows 8.1 named Windows 9. Codenamed Threshold, Windows 9 will include a lot of awesome features like the return of Start Menu and Cortana integration. Another awesome feature to be included in Windows 9 is the Notifications Center.


Microsoft is finally adding the Notifications Center in Windows 9 which will work similar to that of Windows Phone 8.1. You can read more about notifications center on our sister blog, WindowsAlle.

Microsoft is also removing the desktop for touch-screen tablets where everything you know from good-old desktop in Windows 8 and its predecessors will be removed. Tablets users with Windows 9 won’t see any desktop components like File Explorer and the x86 apps won’t run on desktop similar to Windows RT.

Read more about desktop removal on touch screen devices and desktop-only for mouse users on our sister blog by going to the link below. For those of you wondering, Windows 9 will be released as preview on September 30, 2014.

Via: WindowsAlle


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