Windows Store for Windows 8/RT and Windows 8.1 have been getting a lot of new apps and some of them were really awesome. But, the Store for Windows 8/RT and Windows 8.1 was missing network speed testing apps to test the speed on your network connections.

Windows 8/RT gets the first ever Network Speed Test app by Microsoft

Now, Microsoft Research has released an awesome app which focuses on testing the internet network speed. Named as ‘Network Speed Test’, this first of its kind app will test the speed of your internet connection and show the accurate speed of your network along with some basic information like the network name, network type and host name. You are also showed the test history from past so, that you can compare the results.

Simply press the Start button below the dial and the app will start testing your internet speed. You would be showed the network delay first then, the download speed would be tested and in the last, your upload speed would be tested.

Windows 8/RT gets the first ever Network Speed Test app by Microsoft

After few seconds of testing, the app will show the results and the previous history is also showed if, you tested your network speed in the past.

This awesome app is best for people who want to see the network speeds of their internet connections and with its easy to use and touch friendly interface, it is very helpful.

The app will also tell you to take precaution before testing if, you are using a metered connection or mobile broadband on your Windows 8/RT and Windows 8.1 PC.

Windows 8/RT gets the first ever Network Speed Test app by Microsoft

You can see the app in action in the video below.

Network Speed Test app is now available for download from Store for free and has a download size of just 92KB.

You can download this app from the link below:

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