Windows 8 users can reportedly upgrade to Windows 9 completely free as per Microsoft employee


Microsoft might reportedly make the Windows 9 upgrade free for all Window 8 and Windows 8.1 users who own a legit key.

Threshold Windows 9 with Start Menu

Microsoft is scheduled to unveil the next major version and the successor of the Windows 8.1 during an event few hours from now where Microsoft will show some of the features from upcoming Windows 9. Microsoft will also launch a Preview of upcoming Windows version possible named Windows Technical Preview.

It seems that Microsoft wants all its Windows 8 users to upgrade to Windows 9 and the software giant is offering free upgrade for users to make it streamline. It is still unclear whether Windows 7 users will also be eligible for this offer or not. Microsoft Indonesia’s leader said that Windows 8 users will get the Windows 9 installed automatically via an update without the need to actually buy the Windows 9 separately.

Windows Technical Preview will be unveiled soon by Microsoft and we will keep you updated with the latest happening with the complete coverage with our sister blog, WindowsAlle, where you can find all news, rumors and other stuff about Windows 9.

Via: WindowsAlle


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