Windows 8 trial apps from Store have been cracked to full versions – is it Modernbreak?


Windows 8 apps which are downloadable from Store have been cracked successfully and the trial apps have been converted to full versions without any purchase from Store. Hackers have been always a major source of headache for everyone and now, Microsoft may have the same problem with apps for Windows 8. The cracked apps are fully functional with few restrictions only.

Windows 8 have been around in public for about a month and the Windows Store, which was opened for everyone in February is 9 months old. Although, the initial apps in Store were free but, the developers started to release paid and trials apps for Windows 8 back in August when Microsoft RTM’ed Windows 8. For those who wanted to get a paid app had to buy it from Windows Store by paying for it using the credit card or you could get the trial download if, offered by app developer.

You may have heard about Jailbreak and root for iOS and Android devices which lets you access advanced and more customizable options on your devices including the capability to install specialized apps which aren’t available in Store or needs more permission. But, now, the Windows apps have been cracked successfully. Is it the jailbreak or root for Windows 8 apps or we may call it the Modernbreak?

The folks over at My Digital Life forums were successful in making an utility for Windows 8 which lets you convert the Windows 8 trial apps into full versions without the need to making a purchase.

How does the application works?

The utility contains some patches for different files in your Winows 8 and app installation folder. After downloading the trial app from Store and making necessary changes, the application lets you change the app documentation so, that the apps doesn’t require buying even when the trial ends.

So, what’s the catch in this method?

First of all, it is against the Microsoft and Store pilicies to do so. Second, it may be against the app policies as well and in the last, there are some restrictions after the crack. You can’t get the latest updates or your crack won’t have any effect after update. Its only available for those apps which are being offered as trial.

Everyone can use it?

You might be wondering whether anyone can use ir or not? The answer is no! The method to crack apps requires a bit knowledge and you would need to patch different files. After going through the steps myself, I think a person would require little knowledge in Windows 8 to crack the apps. Also, the said trick needs administrator permission to be implmented.

The app can only be run on Windows 8 x86/64 versions which means Windows RT users who don’t have access to install the desktop (legacy) apps would be left behind.

Is it safe?

Well, it depends on how you think safe. If using the app and not giving access to hackers in your Computer then, its safe but, if you think about Microsoft and third party app developers then, it’s not safe as you would be breaking a lot of rules and policies which can result in blocking your Microsoft account, cancellation of your Windows 8 activation and even further.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend you to try any method to crack your Windows 8 apps as it can result in malfunctioning of Windows 8 and also, you would be using illegal ways. Using any utility from untrusted developer can results in malware or it would be equal to letting someone using your Windows 8 PC who has bas intentions.

You better stick to the original pay-to- get method of Store and buy apps. If, you can’t buy, use the trials or free apps instead.

I hope Microsoft will take prompt action to stop these kind of activites to protect all new Windows 8 and its app Store. I don’t see this method sticking around for a long time.

Via: Winsyde

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