Windows 8 Restarts Instead of Shutting Down – A Fact or Just Error?


While trying to shutting down the Windows 8 I noticed one thing that Windows 8 restarted instead of shutting down and I had to shut down again after booting Windows 8 again.

I have been using Windows 8 Developer Preview since the day it was released and I had got many problems while running Windows 8. One of these problems is the restarting of Windows 8 instead of shutting down.

I clicked the shutdown button and went away like always and was hoping that Windows would shut down regularly but, when I came back after an hour I was shocked to see my PC still running. I had to shut down Windows again and that time the PC was shut down normally.

Firstly, I thought, that was my error as I had accidently clicked the restart button but, after few days again I got the same problem and that time Windows just logged off instead of shutting down and this time I was confirmed that it was software error as there is no log-off button in the power options of Windows 8.

I am using Windows 8 Developer Preview in two PC’s and got the problem in both of them. I am using two different copies of Windows 8 which were downloaded from two different sources, one was from Microsoft’s site and the other one was downloaded from a torrent site.

I thought if I share the problem with others, they would be able to recognize that this is not a human error but it’s an error of the core files of Windows 8.

Let’s hope Microsoft will look into the problem and fix it in the upcoming Windows 8 Beta which is expected to come in January, 2012.

If any one of you had the same problem let me know as it would be helpful in determining how many users got the problem.

Update: November 23. 2011

  • I am using Windows 8 Developer Preview x86 (32Bit) and the problem seems to be in most of the 32 Bit PC’s.
  • The problem went away automatically after one time shutdown denial in both cases.
  • I had terminated all the apps and other processes before shutting down Win 8 in both cases.

Ahmad Wahid

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  • Snuffy

    why do you not stick with the M$ download… then you know its more likely GOOD. also u never stated what all you did after… i suggest you have corrupted files SFC /scannow to fix that.  I have only ME DL’s on 3 different machines and SHUTDOWN is SHUTDOWN unless I have some other program running then it tells me I have not closed all programs properly.

    • Although there is no difference between the two downloads but yes Microsoft one is better as it was quick!…The restart problem was before, I started tweaking the core files but, since I have started tweaking the files, the problems seems to have ended……

  • Twhall

    Having the same problem with Win 8 Developer Preview.  I feel that applications and/or processes cannot be close properly and system appears to not restart/shutdown. 

  • Snuffy

    Again I have never had a SHUTDOWN problem. but then I wrote my own (very old)
    shutdown bat file  ….  shutdown /s /t 000 if need by you could add the force switch.

    Some times I wonder about torrents.. you never know who or what changed. or was added.
    when possible I always stick with M$ DL’s.

  • I have this problem too running windows 8 64bit on my laptop. However the 64 bit running on my tablet doesn’t have this problem.

  • Kamei

    i tried shutting down but instead it restarts every single time, there is no way of rectifying it till date.

    • Snuffy

      which method did you use to “shutdown” more than 1 way. so hard to help you fix…

  • أمجد إسماعيل

    I have this problem and even worse with my Inspiron 15z 5523 laptop running Windows 8.1.

    Look at my screenshots below, I will describe in details what I have
    figured out but I hope what I have done didn’t screw up my laptop.

    In this screenshot, I have turned off and turned on my laptop 35 times…

    You’ll notice a correct mark beside the number, that means the laptop shut down successfully.

    For example, the first time, laptop shut down, (2) laptop shut down,
    (3) the third time, laptop shut down, etc… whereas the number marked
    by “x” that means laptop hanged on shut down…

    Notice the title at the top I type on the board when “Screen is off” I
    mean by screen is off that I let Windows turn off the display after 1

    Now I let Internet Download Manager turns off laptop after it
    finishes downloading, so it will turn off it while the screen (display)
    is turned off, so when the display is turned off, the 11th time, laptop
    hung on shut down, only power button and fan was running…. I have to
    hold the power button to shut it down..

    Now, see when “Screen is not turned off” and when IDM finishes
    downloading and shuts down laptop, I tested this 22 times as in the
    picture and laptop shut down successfully.

    Now look at picture number 2,

    I tested again when the “Display is turned off” and letting Internet download Manager turns off laptop when it finishes.

    In the first time, laptop restarted instead of shutting down, the 7th
    time it restarted instead of shutting down, and in the 14th time laptop
    hung on shut down..

    I read through internet that I can disable “Wake on Magic Packet” in Device Manager > Wireless and Lan…

    However, in the 17th time, laptop as well hang on shut down.

    Now, I set “Turn off the Display” to “Never” now the screen is not
    turned off, and when Internet Download Manager turns off the laptop,
    see, I tested this 30 times, laptop shut down successfully except for
    this in the 12th time it restarted instead of shutting down.

    I turned off laptop and turned it on 50 times this time but this
    time I didn’t use IDM to turn it off nor I turn off the display, it is
    just normal shut down using the “Shut down” command in Windows 8.1

    See in the picture, in the 12th, 32nd and 37th times, laptop restarted instead of shutting down…

    Even the normal “Shut down” operation often causes windows to restart
    instead of shutting down and when Windows shuts down while display is
    turned off, it often hangs on shut down which can leads my CPU fan to
    wear out eventually if I am not using the laptop and sleeping that

    However, I am still unsure if laptop only hangs on shut down when
    display is off or no as I can’t test this anymore because I have turned
    off laptop and on about 200 times in a day just to test this…

    However I am not going to “turn off display” if I am letting IDM to
    shut down windows when it finishes downloading, however it may restart
    Windows instead of shutting it down sometimes which is still a problem
    for me, if I am leaving laptop to download for about 10 hours and went
    to sleep say for 10 hours, the IDM restarted laptop so it will be 20
    hours for laptop being on…. Do you think this is good for a system
    like mine???

    Inspiron 15z 5523 i7-3537U????!!!!

    And if you’re going to say “DISABLE” “Turn on Fast startup” option.

    I have already done that, however laptop still restarts sometimes instead of shutting down and hangs
    on a black screen sometimes when it shuts down when display is turned
    off (Not 100% sure, it may even does hang when display is not even
    turned off).

    • Frank Smith

      1. many options to use for SHUTDOWN, and the method your using has issues. so i want you to try this.
      logo + X = run = type
      shutdown -s -t 0
      enter an see if it shuts down… the other options on 99% of the system will fail due to some 3d party program… so manually shutdown your self with the command…