Windows 8 Would Contain a Metro Style Media Player


Windows 8 would contain a full screen Metro Style Media Player. The latest leaks shows the Metro Style media player’s overall interface, its working with other metro style apps, and some of its functions.

The latest images were leaked from WinUnleaked. Here are some of the features which can be seen in the latest leaked images;

  1. Overall interface of Metro Style music player
  2. Player’s working with other Metro Style apps in parallel (just like aero snap)
  3. The player shows songs description
  4. You can rate the song and see current ratings
  5. Queued songs can also be seen
  6. You can pin the songs and also open up a song
  7. Shuffle, repeat and save/clear queue option are also there
  8. Specific songs can also be played directly from pinned tile

Now, let’s take a look at the images:

Metro Media Player Splash Screen

Start option in Metro Media Player
 Metro Media Player Running in Parallel Metro IE

Metro Media Player Running in Parallel Metro IE Full User Interface of Metro Media Player
 Metro Media Player in Tiled Form

WinUnleaked states this version of Metro Style Media Player as a beta version downloaded from Windows Store. We have already seen the official preview of Windows Store along with some details in Windows Store Preview event held by Microsoft.

Windows Store is scheduled to be made available for public in Windows 8 Beta whereas Windows 8 Beta would be available for public in late February which was confirmed by Microsoft.

Some other features like app download manger, Metro-UI background changer, grouping of similar apps in Metro-UI, auto update feature in desktop version of IE 10 and closing of apps in just swipe of finger(VIDEO) are already known which are expected to come in Windows 8 Beta.

We will keep you updated with all the latest Windows 8 news.

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