Windows 8 is half way in quarterly sales as compared to Vista and Windows 7


Windows 8 which was launched for public on October 26 helped boost the Microsoft’s Windows Divisions profit to $5.8 billion for the last quarter of 2012 which is 24% more than the previous quarter. But, the newest OS didn’t made much increase in sales of software giant as compared to the Vista and Windows 7 at the same times.

Windows 8 is half way in quarterly sales as compared to Vista and Windows 7

Windows 7 which was launched for public three years ago made a huge boost in the quarterly earnings of Microsoft where the software giant’s profit noticed 76% increase in the sales.

Vista, which was launched three years before Windows 7 also boosted the sales of Microsoft by 65% which was record sales at that time.

Windows 8 increased the Microsoft earnings just 24% which is half of the sales revenue generated by Vista and Windows 7 in the same quarter. Although, Windows 8’s low sales can be blamed upon PC market which is continuously going down but, with 60-million copies sold in just two months of launch it should be similar to Windows 7 which also had same sales.

Windows 8 had just 2.06% of total PC market share whereas, Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP are still ahead.

Source: CNN Money | Image via: CNN Money


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