Windows 8 Enterprise RTM build 9200 Leaked on internet for download


Windows 8 Enterprise RTM build 9200 has been leaked on internet and is downloadable. The leaked edition of Windows 8 Enterprise is a non-bootable one which you can also install using the setup.exe file only and it is the x64 version.

The leak has been done by a Russian and x64 version of Windows 8 Enterprise version is available for download. The leak has occured short after the official announcement of Windows 8 RTM milestone by Microsoft.

It is strictly against our policies to provide links to illegal or pirated content but, yes you can find the links for download on the internet if, you search.

You can take a look at the leaked images of Windows 8 RTM installation process and new background pattern of Start Screen.


The download links seems a bit fishy as the size is far more less than the actual one. The size is also less than the Windows 8 Release Preview x86 while x64 was almost twice.


This leaked version of Windows 8 Enterprise RTM is the one without the Media Player but, it contains the Windows 8 go feature.

People searched for the following terms to get here:


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