Windows 8 Core, Windows 8 Pro and Pro Pack boxes revealed in images


We know that Windows 8 would be available as retail when is launched for public on October 26 and we have also seen the retails boxes in black and white colors of Windows 8 Pro and Core editions but, now new images of Windows 8 Core, Windows 8 Pro and Pro Pack boxes have been revealed. The new images shows the colors of boxes which have the Windows 8 Start Screen background patterns on them.

Windows 8 Core comes in white box (image above) while the Windows 8 Pro (image below) comes in black color with both the boxes having different Start Screen patterns on them.

Interestingly, a new box (image below) of Windows 8 can be seen named as the Windows 8 Pro Pack which is the Pro SKU with the Windows Media Center. The point to note is the Media Center which won’t be included as a disk instead, a key would be provided to upgrade ‘Pro’ to ‘Pro with Media Center’ online.

These are types of Windows 8 boxes which can seen on the shelves of retail stores when Windows 8 is officially launched on October 25 in an event followed by public availability on October 26.

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