Windows 8 and 8.1 gets 10.92% and 5.88% of market share with Windows 7 still the leader


The latest market share statistics for the month of October 2014 shows that Windows 8.1 has got a huge increase taking upto 10.92% if total PC share whereas, Windows 8 had 5.88% during the month of October 2014. Windows 7 is still leading the market share with total share of 53.05% of global share.


According to the statistics by Net Applications for the month of October 2014, Windows 8.1 has got a huge spike in the PC market share where it has increased from 6.67% to 10.92% in the time period of just a month.

Windows 8 holds a total share of 5.88% while Windows 7 is still dominating the market with more than 50% share.

Windows XP, after its support has ended in April 2014, is slowly fading and has decreased to 17.18% whereas, Vista has just 2.82% of share.

Coming to the other OS, Mac OS X has 3.66% of global share, Windows NT holds 1.64% while Linux couldn’t be recorded due to very low share. Other OS holds 4.86% which might include Linux and Windows 10 shares.

Source: Net Application


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