Windows 8 and 8.1 dramatically losses market share in December 2014 with Windows 7 leading


The year 2014 has ended and new year 2015 has started but, the last month of 2014 proved to be disappointing for Microsoft where the market share of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 dropped dramatically by many folds. Windows 8.1 is being used by 8.3% of all desktop PC users whereas, Windows 8 is running on just 3.28% of all PC’s.

Windows market share stats December 2014

The market share statistics by Net Application for the month of December 2014 are here and the last month proved to be the worst one in the year 2014. Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 has decreased in market share whereas, Windows 7 is still leading the market with slight increase. Windows XP and Vista has also gained market share.

Windows 8.1 which was being used by 12.1% of total PC’s around the world in the month of November 2014 has decreased to 8.3% which is probably the biggest loss in market share since its launch back in October 2013. Windows 8 has decreased from 6.55% to 3.28% in just a month.

Windows 7 is still dominating the worldwide PC market share with a share of 54.57% which has gained 0.86% of market share in over a month despite being 5 years old.

Coming to the Windows versions, Windows XP which is over a decade old has gained .65% of share with a total of 14.22% share for PC’s around the world.

Windows Vista has reappeared again to the list of top OS around the world with having 2.54% of share. Windows NT holds 7.64% of share.

Coming to the other OS, Mac OS X 10.10 holds 3.48% of share and it’s the only non-Windows version in the top list.

Interestingly, the other section has also gain fraction of share by moving to 5.98% of share which also includes the newly launched Windows 10 Technical Preview which as per Microsoft is being used by over a million people around the world.

So, which OS are you using right now?

Source: Net Applications


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  • megatotoro

    Those figures were so weird that they ended being pulled down. How could Windows NT eat so much market share away from Windows 8.x? (NT was barely present in November’s numbers: 0.03%). At the end those awkward numbers were replaced by other numbers that seem equally funny. The “corrected” version now poses XP as the one eating 8.x’s market share: XP apparently went up from 13.57% in November to 18.26%! The interesting question is why that correction affected non-MS OSes negatively…it was an NT-related error, after all…

  • it was the sony and xbox hacks that skewed the stats

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