Windows 8.1 Xbox Music: Get Eminem’s album ‘Marshall Mathers LP2’ for free


The Cyber Monday deals are now starting to appear on different platforms and Microsoft’s Xbox Music team is also offering one such deal. Eminem, the rap singer, has recently released a new album and Xbox Music team is offering his newest album named ‘Marshall Mathers LP2’ for free.

Windows 8.1 Xbox Music: Get Eminem’s album ‘Marshall Mathers LP2’ for free

If you happen to be in rap music then, you might be familiar with the rapper, Eminem. He has been on top of music in Xbox Music on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone. With the release of his latest album, Xbox Music team is offering his whole album for free on Xbox Music for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone and for those of you who aren’t using Windows 8 or Windows Phone can listen to his newest album by going to

The free album is only available for one day i.e. Cyber Monday

If you are wondering how to can search for Eminem’s latest album on Xbox Music in Windows 8.1 we have got you covered.

Note: You must be living in the US to get advantage of free music album by Eminem.

  • Simply open the Xbox Music app and search for ‘Eminem’ by typing anywhere in the app.
  • You would be taken to Eminem’s artist page. Here look for his latest album named ‘Marshall Mathers LP2’.
  • Once you have opened his new album, you will see ‘Buy album for $0.00’ link in free (refer the screenshot below). Press it.

Windows 8.1 Xbox Music: Get Eminem’s album ‘Marshall Mathers LP2’ for free

  • You would be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account for security purposes.
  • Once signed in, you would be asked to confirm your purchase.

Note: You won’t be charged for this purchase since it’s free.


  • Press ‘Confirm’ button to confirm your purchase. Now, your songs from album will be added to your Microsoft account.

Tip: If you have enabled the downloaded option in preference then, the newly purchased album will also be downloaded to your PC. Otherwise, you will be able to stream those songs for free.


  • That’s all! Enjoy listening to latest rap songs by Eminem.

So, which song of Eminem’s new album you like?

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