Windows 8.1 tip: How to mark a Wi-Fi network as ‘metered’ to conserve internet data


Windows 8.1 has got a lot of awesome features and some of them are helpful in saving your bandwidth. We know that you can control the Search suggestions, OneDrive synchronization while using a broadband connection but, you can also limit their usage on Wi-Fi networks.

If you are using a Wi-Fi network with limited data usage then, you might want to turn off the additional data connection hogs like Bing Search suggestions, OneDrive Sync etc which might end up consuming a lot of your data connection.

Windows 8.1 has got an awesome feature which lets you mark a certain Wi-Fi network as metered which will help conserve data usage. Marking an internet connection as metered will stop the background sync of SkyDrive and it will also stop the Bing Search suggestions from being provided from internet.

Follow the instructions below to mark a Wi-Fi connection as ‘metered’ in Windows 8.1.


  • First of all, open up PC Settings. Press ‘Windows key + I’ or swipe from right and select ‘Settings’.
  • Your Settings Charm will open. Here press ‘Change PC Settings’ on bottom.


  • Your PC Settings will open. Here navigate to the ‘Network’ tab.


  • You will see your Wi-Fi networks in the WiFi section. Press the one to which you are connected and want to mark as metered.
  • Your Wi-Fi settings will open. Here look for ‘Set as metered connection’ under ‘Data usage’ and turn it ‘on’ by moving the slider switch to right.


  • That’s all! Your Wi-Fi connection has been marked as ‘metered’ and your PC will conserve data.

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