Windows 8.1 tip: How to close the Windows 8.1 apps permanently to save memory [Video]


Windows 8.1, the update for Windows 8 includes many gestures from Windows 8 but, Microsoft has changed the gesture to close the apps in Windows 8.1. Although, the Windows 8’s ‘swipe from top to bottom’ gesture is still there but, it doesn’t close the apps permanently instead, it removes the apps from recently used apps. But, the app keeps running in the background and consume memory aka RAM and CPU usage.

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Microsoft has provided a new gesture to close the Windows 8.1 apps permanently to save memory. You just have to use the new gesture to close the apps in Windows 8.1 otherwise, using the the Windows 8 gesture would keep the app in the memory using apps.

Just follow the instructions below to close the app permanently.


  • Whenever you want to close a specific app, use the same gesture of ‘swipe from top to bottom’ to close the app just like Windows 8 but, instead of leaving at the bottom, keep the app thumbnail held there for few seconds i.e. don’t lift your finger or leave the mouse button.

How to close the Windows 8.1 apps permanently to save memory

  • After holding the app on bottom of screen for few seconds, the app will change its thumbnail to default icon. Once you see the default icon, you can let go the cheapest viagra america assistance app.
  • Now, this time your app will close for real and won’t consume any memory in the background.
  • That’s all!

A quick video showing the same process has been added after the break.

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