Windows 8.1 – Anatomy of MAIL App for Communication


Mail app, an unique presentation by Microsoft in Windows 8.1, is welcomed, warmly, by the Windows users. In the previous versions of Windows, you had to handle the emails in separate servers, like yahoo, Hotmail etc. But now in Windows 8.1 version of new OS by Microsoft for the PC users, a new app has been introduced for the multiple handling, yet simultaneously, of different mail servers in a single application. Now you can handle all your mails, like Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and other accounts in one app. So, you do not have to go to different sites or using different applications to go through your emails.

How to get the Mail App

It is easy to get Mail app. It is there in Windows 8.1 as pre-installed app. Just sign in to your PC, open Mail app and start working on your Microsoft account for the smooth handling of emails. But if you want different email account for the PS users, it is important for you to have a separate account for each user of PC to maintain privacy.

Windows 8.1 has been designed from its first code for communication. With its pre-installed apps like Mail and Skype, Windows 8.1 presents the best solution for communication with your friends, family and people you care about.

While launching the Windows 8.1 for the first time, Mail and Skype apps get ready to be used and you can start communicating with others by just opening the respective apps.


Mail app of Windows 8.1 has been designed to handle all your emails at one place. Whether you are a Outlook user, Gmail subscriber, Yahoo member or using custom email client, Mail app of Windows 8.1 has covered all your email issues and is available to work as your fundamental client to handle all your important emails.

By default, Windows 8.1 Mail only configures the Outlook formerly known as Hotmail or Windows Live Mail if you signed-in with your Microsoft account. You need to configure the Mail app to receive and manage from your other email accounts. From Mail app, you can use all the emails configured. See the Figure below:

To configure your Mail app, follow the instructions below:

  •  Simply swipe from right and select ‘Settings’ or press ‘Win key + I’.
  • Press Accounts to open up the account management.
  • Press Add an account
  • Select the account type you wish to add and then add its details like username and password.
  • You can see all your connect email accounts by selecting them from the left bottom pane.
  • Pressing any account opens up the inbox from that mail account where the recent emails are showed.

Managing the Folders

Mail app of Windows 8.1 doesn’t show the other folders from your mail account on front instead, they are hidden in the folders section which can be accessed by pressing folder icon from left navigation pane.

Whenever you want to compose a new email, simply press the ‘+’ and you would be able to compose a new email. Responding to emails is also very easy. Press the respond button and select your desired option like Forward or Reply.

Additional Mail Features

You can access additional features of the Mail app by pressing the thin blue bar from bottom of screen or swiping from bottom. Your app bar will open where features like Manage, Move, Junk, Flag, Mark Unread and Delete etc are found.


 Accessing Junk, Spam and Other Folders in Mail Account

 Upon pressing / tapping this option, popup will appear presenting the 5 options about the folders to select from. Here, you can manage folders of your Mail app.


To move the emails to any of the folders, such as, Inbox, Sent, Junk, Deleted, All Mail, Important, Technorati or Y! Conversation of any other, you need to move the email by pressing it. For all the other actions, you need, simply, to press the concerned option and that’s all.


Configuring Individual Mail Accounts to Sync More Emails and Set Custom Refresh Time

You can also configure individual mail accounts to set how much apps from your mail box are synced to the Mail app of Windows 8.1. Follow the instructions:

  1. Simply go to the Accounts Settings by swiping from right and selecting Settings or by pressing ‘WinKey + I’.
  2. Press Accounts
  3. Now, select the account which you want to configure.
  4. Once that account options are opened, you can configure the refresh interval and time from which the apps are synced to the Mail app.
  5. Here you can also edit your signature and choose whether notifications are showed for the mails of this mail account or not.

 Display of Mail Options After Configuration

 In the Figure below, I will show you the Left Side Bar of Mail App, being run in my PC.