Windows 10’s recent internal builds have got an updated installation screen [Images]


We already know that Microsoft is making huge modifications and improvements in the overall looks of Windows 10 and the recently leaked screenshots depict it. Now, a new set of images have leaked which alleged shows how the new installation screen of Windows 10 will look like.

Windows 10 install screen 1

The images posted by Microsoft Geek on Twitter shows the new updated installation screen of Windows 10 which will be showed to users when the Windows 10 in installing on a PC.

The screenshot shows a round circle in the middle of screen which will work as progress bar for the installation purpose. The ring also shows the overall progress as well as its movement shows that the installation is going on.

Windows 10 install screen 2

The branding, which in this case is the Windows 10 Technical Preview is on top of screen with ‘Installing’ text right below it. The message showing that your PC will restart several times during installation can be seen below installing and branding text.

On the bottom of screen, the different phases of installation like ‘Configuring Settings’, ‘Settings up’, ‘Applying PC Settings’ and ‘Setting up a few more things’ are showed which will be highlighted in some way to show that the a particular phase is being carried on.

Neowin reports that this is present in the internal builds of Windows 10 but, their appearance to the public is still doubtful. Also, this new installation screen can change before the official launch of Windows 10 later this year.

The screen looks pretty good seeing that Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 all had the same installation screens.

So, do you like these new installation screens or prefer the old ones?

Via: Neowin

Source: Microsoft Geek


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