Windows 10 will be released in the end of July 2015, says AMD CEO


Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, Windows 10 is still in the technical preview and includes a lot of bugs. But, the reports about the public launch Windows 10 are already circulating in the wild that the final build of Windows 10 will be released in late-July.


AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su revealed that the software giant, Microsoft aims to launch the final and public version of Windows 10 at the end of July 2015.

She revealed that the RTM (release to manufacturing) build of Windows 10 will be launched just in time for the back-to-school time which means Microsoft will also aim to launch the Windows 10 devices by then.

It is to be noted that July 2015 is three months away and the final build of Windows 10 seems to be far away since, the current builds are full of bugs and need improvements to be allowed to be used on regular basis by end users.

AMD, being a Microsoft OEM, might know about the plans of Microsoft but, we doubt the final build of Windows 10 to be launched for public by July. But, Microsoft might make the Windows 10 RTM and make it available for hardware manufacturers to allow them to load Windows 10 on their devices.

The public launch of Windows 10 for end users in the form of DVD and ISO files might take place after the July but, one can’t say anything for sure about Microsoft until we get an official news from Redmond based giant.

So, are you expecting the Windows 10 to be launched by July 2015?

Via: The Verge

Source: AMD


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