Windows 10 Upgrade is FREE for all genuine and pirated versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.x


We already know that Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 RTM for free once it is launched for public. Now, Microsoft has confirmed that the upgrade will be offered to all users who are either running a genuine version of Windows or have a pirated one.


Microsoft’s Windows Operating System head, Terry Myerson, has announced during the WinHEC conference in China that Windows 10 upgrade will be offered to all users running a genuine or non-genuine edition of Windows.

This unexpected support of Windows 10 for pirated version seems to be a marketing strategy by Microsoft to boost its market share since 2/3 of PC’s in China are running a pirated version of Windows.

Terry Myerson, in an interview with Reuters, said that this strategy is being adapted to re-engage the millions of users in China back to Windows 10.

This free upgrade offer will be available for users around the world, as well, but we will have to see more details whether any restrictions or conditions would be applied to this upgrade offer or not.

Microsoft previously offered a cheap $39.99 upgrade offer for users running older versions of Windows to jump to Windows 8 but, this offer wasn’t that effective. Now, with the free upgrade offer, Microsoft might be able to bring the Windows 7 users to Windows 10 where Windows 7 is being used by over 50% of PC’s around the world.

Source: Reuters


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