Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview build 10051: How to fix and disable data connection from remaining always-ON


Microsoft recently launched the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones which is called Windows 10 Mobile by Microsoft. The recent build, 10051 includes many new features but, some of the functions of Windows Phone are also behaving differently due to bugs.


One of such bugs include the Data Connection remaining always-on after upgrading to Windows 10 for Phones from Windows Phone 8.1 but, there is a fix for that.

The data-connection can’t be disabled from Cellular+Sim menu in Settings and the data-connection remains always on might result in extra charges of your carrier for usage by data connection. Additionally, it also drains battery since your phone is always connected to data network. You can recognize the data connection by seeing the small arrow on top of the cellular signal bar (refer the image below).


The bug also prevents you from switching to different cellular modes like 2G, 3G and 4G and you are struck with just one mode.

So, if you upgraded your Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 to the Windows 10 Mobile then, you are at right place as we will be telling you the only possible solution to fix the data connection bug.

The only working solution to that annoying bug in to ‘Hard Reset’ your Windows 10 Phone to factory settings which will let you disable the data connection.

  • You can head over to the ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘About‘and press ‘Reset your Phone’ button.
  • You would be showed that your phone’s data will be removed so, you might want to backup your data, photos and other files to keep them safe. Once backed up, reset your phone.
  • Your phone will restart and after configuration you will be asked to set your phone. Set it up like regular phone and don’t restore from backups.
  • After the configuration has been done, your phone will start as fresh. Now, you will be able to disable data connection on your phone.

You may visit our Windows 10 Phone section for more tips, tricks and tweaks about Windows 10 Mobile.



Ahmad Wahid

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  • ramanan

    That’s terrific ! Windows Phone Rec tool is not properly installing the required s/f to roll back, when it nears 1.2 gb the process was stopped and says try again. Any solution

    • kuramus

      I had the same problem rolling back from dev preview of WP GDR1 to Cyan when Cyan came out. Here is how I solved it.
      The folder you select for downloading the s/f, open that once the downloading starts. Once you reach around 1 gb of download (not necessary 1gb, it will vary according to when the download stops), open the task manager, go to the processes tab and select the WP Rec Tool and End the process.
      Now open the downld folder and copy the contents to some other folder (i.e. create a backup of the downld). Now start the WP Rec tool again, it will find the existing download and give an option to resume.
      This way, you can backup a 1gb download, then if it stops at 1.2gb, you just need to close the WP rec tool and clear the download folder and paste the backup back in the download folder. And when you open the Rec Tool, it starts from 1 Gb and this time you can backup the download at 1.1 gb.
      When the download stops, the files in the dwnld folder are corrupted and can’t be used, thats why use the backup.
      Its does take some time, but it works.

      • ramanan

        Thanks ! when I hit uninstall in control panel there was a option to repair/uninstall. So I repair the tool and re-d/l the files and had no issues.