Windows 10 for Phones: Hands on to updated Cortana experience with new interface [Images]


Windows 10 for Phones include a lot of awesome features including updated keyboard, new expandable action center and two-new tiles sizes for Start Screen. Another new addition in Windows 10 on Phones is the updated Cortana experience.

Cortana in Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones have been updated with new interface which is white in color. The personal voice-based digital assistant now includes redesigned menu where the options like notebooks, quite hours and settings are organized in better manner.

Bigger 2×2 tile for CortanaCortana-large-tile-WP10

As we have covered in our tile size post about Windows 10, Cortana now supports the bigger 2×2 tile size which is the biggest one available. The tile has been enlarged but, in the current build, no support for live tiles can be found – Windows Phone 8.1 does show live tiles for events like weather and traffic conditions.

The app by default, syncs your settings from OneDrive which means all your notebooks, interest and other personal settings would be there which you asked Cortana about using your Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 PC.

The overall user experience has been improved where the elements on the screen are now bigger in size and navigation between sections is much easy.


Updates including interests and routine are still available

You will still see the Cortana’s suggestions based on your interests and your daily routine functions are also available.


Search directly on Bing

You can use Cortana to inquire about anything using your voice just like you could do in Windows Phone 8.1. But, now, Cortana will not only search the internet for your query but, you local stuff is also searched resulting in more results.


If you happen not to find any result, Bing results are also showed directly meaning you won’t be showed ‘I can’t find anything’, anymore/

All Cortana settings at one place


Press the hamburger menu button on the top left corner and you will be showed a complete list functions Cortana can perform including a link to Settings.

Not everything is perfectly functional

The newly introduced Cortana seems pretty promising in the functionality but, the app is still full of bugs. Pressing the search on your Windows Phone will launch the Cortana very slowly as compared to Windows Phone 8.1. Also, the voice search is broken where most of the queries result in no internet connection error.

Cortana in Windows 10 for Phones seems good but, the white background doesn’t seem to be a user friendly thing. The theme selection should change with the accent of your Windows Phone. Also, there are many functions which should be fixed like Music search which is still not available in Windows 10.

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