Windows 10 build 10041 launched for slow ring users, download ISO files here


Microsoft launched the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10041 to the fast ring users last week but, the slow ring users were left behind. Now, the software giant has released the ISO files along with the update for slow ring users via Windows Update.


The build 10041 of Windows 10 Technical Preview has the following changes/features:

  • In certain cases the sign-in boxes including username and password fields might disappear while trying to sign-in
  • Your PC might require a hard-reboot if your PC goes to sleep during the Out-of-box-experience (OOBE)
  • 3rd party Narrator apps might not be usable
  • Apps can’t be installed from Store beta in certain cases
  • Mail Calendar and People apps are crashing
  • Bug in Windows 10 might prevent the text on Start Menu, Task View and Snap Assist to be readable
  • Virtual Desktop thumbnails might not be visible after creating a new desktop
  • Cheess knight icon on the Lock Screen is present to help the Windows Team identify whether the new lock screen is being used or the old one
  • Font sizes of Lock Screen elements might be huge on devices with higher screen resolutions
  • Tablet mode is disabled by default but, it can be enabled manually from Settings
  • The touch screen keyboard might not appear on the lock screen while the narrator is being used
  • Frequent messages to restart your PC to complete the update installation might appear whereas, the updates don’t require reboot to install
  • Photos app will crash when you try to access the Camera Roll from the Camera app

The update can be downloaded from Windows Update after selecting the Slow Ring but, if you are looking to download the ISO files of Windows 10 Technical Preview then, you may use the links below.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10041 x86 EN US

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10041 x64 EN US

Source: Microsoft


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