What’s next by Microsoft after Windows 8, Windows 9? Maybe!


We know that Windows 8 has been completed by Microsoft and would be launched for developers on August 15 followed by general availability on October 26 but, what’s next by software giant? What would be the next OS by Microsoft called?  Well, there is no official news but, we assume it would be code named as Windows 9 and its public name would be something like Windows Next or Windows vNext as pointed out by MsftKitchen.

MsftKitchen dug a little and found out some evidence in the profiles of Microsoft employees showing different names of next version of Windows and the successor of Windows 8 which would be code named as Windows 9 but, its public name would be Windows Next or Windows vNext.

One interesting thing to mention is that one employee (now removed) even mentioned the start date on Windows 9 on the role of software development engineer on his Linkedin profile. Did Microsoft employees started working on Window 9 even before the sign-off of Windows 8?

Win8China suggests the public name of Windows 9 to be Windows Blue or it may be the name of a sub component but, that’s still rumor.

The above mentioned names are still rumors and won’t be confirmed until Microsoft confirm the name of next version of Windows which won’t be happening before October 26 when Windows 8 would reach general availability milestone.

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Source: MsftKitchen

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