How to Watch (LIVE) Microsoft Event at Mobile World Congress Where Windows 8 Consumer Preview would be Previewed


Microsoft won’t be webcasting its event (LIVE) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) where the next version of enter site cialis for sale cheap Windows, Windows 8 Consumer Preview would be previewed and opened for public downloads.

Computer World claims that the Microsoft won’t be webcasting the MWC event but, it is very disappointing for millions of people who would be watching the cheapest prices on propecia event live around the world.

You can view alternate live streams and news from many blogs which would keep you updated with all the latest news from that Microsoft event at MWC.

Below are some of the best blogs which would cover the Microsoft event at MWC:

  • Cnet would be streaming the event live with ScribbleLive around 5:45 a.m. PT. Just bookmark this link and you would be able to watch live event.
  • Enagadget won’t be live streaming the event but, the blog would be posting news and images of the main highlights (they can post dozens of updates in a minute). Bookmark this page and you would be able to get updates of where to buy cheap accutane online i use it the Microsoft event.
  • BGR is also covering the event live and would be streaming. Bookmark this page
  • Mobile World Live would be covering the event live. Just bookmark this page and you would be able to watch the diagnosis purchase discount viagra live stream of the event.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview would be the successor of Windows 8 Developer Preview which would get dozens of new features and how to save buying viagra improvements.

This version would be the first one to get an active Windows Store, the primary source for Metro-Style apps, the historic start button on Taskbar would be removed and least but last we will see many apps as Metro-Style.

For more features visit our article on complete list of expected features (rumored or leaked) of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

We will keep you updated with all the latest news from that Microsoft event. Stay Tuned!

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