Watch this: ‘Hey Cortana’ for voice activation on Lumia 1520 and 930 showed on video after Denim firmware


Microsoft has already started to roll out the Lumia Denim firmware to the selective devices around the world and some users are already getting ready to update their device. One of the most-awaited feature of Lumia Denim is the passive voice-based activation of Cortana by just saying ‘Hey Cortana’.


Microsoft has previously unveiled that Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930 (Lumia Icon on Verizon) would be getting the ‘Hey Cortana’ activation feature once they have the Lumia Denim firmware. MSFTPlace got their Lumia 1520 updated to Lumia Denim in Spain and they have recorded a video showing the passive activation of Cortana using voice and by saying ‘Hey Cortana’.

Hey Cortana feature will require some settings like voice recognition and other settings for the feature to work and it won’t work with everyone’s voice instead, you will have to program the Cortana to activate when you say the word in your own voice.

Hey Cortana on LUmia 1520 with Denim configuration

Cortana activation by saying “Hey Cortana” would only be available on Lumia 930 also known as Lumia Icon on the Verizon Wireless and Lumia 1520 due to their Snapdragon 8xx series processors which only have the hardware to support it.

Hey Cortana can be used to activate Cortana even when you phone is on stand-by mode with the screen turned off.

Let’s not wait anymore and watch the Hey Cortana activation in action.


Via: Windows Central

Source: MSFTPlace | Image via: MSFTPlace

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