How to wake up your Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 device with double tap on screen


Windows Phone 8.1 has got a lot of awesome features including Cortana and ability to move & install apps to the external SD Card. Another awesome feature of Windows Phone 8.1 which has been practically present since Windows Phone 8 is the ability to wake up your Windows Phone with a double tap on the screen – awesome isn’t it?


‘Double-tap-to-wake up’ lets you wake up your Windows Phone without the need to actually press the power/unlock button. Instead, simply tap twice on your Windows Phone’s screen and you will be able to see the lock screen. This feature can be very useful when your hands are busy or you don’t want to use the hardware unlock button just to see the lock screen. I personally use this feature when my hands are dirty and I want to take a peek at the time or notifications on my lock Screen.

This double tap to wake up feature is available on almost all Lumia devices by Nokia whereas, other devices like HTC 8X and HTC One (M8) also have this feature.

Note: It is to be noted that activating double tap to wake will decrease the battery backup on your Windows Phone since it keeps your screen ‘on’ all the time. Use it at your own risk!

Let’s proceed to the instructions to activate this feature.


  • Launch ‘Settings’ and open ‘touch’ options. It can be find among the last few settings.
  • Here you will see the ‘Wake up’ option. Turn it ‘On’ by moving the slider switch to right.


  • That’s all! Now, double tap on your lock screen while it is off to wake up your phone.

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