VLC public beta for Windows Phone updated with FLAC support and bug fixes


We recently saw the public beta version of VLC on Store for Windows Phone which was an early version of the popular video playing app. Now, the public version has got an update which adds the FLAC file format support along with bug fixes.


The change log of the VLC Beta on Windows Phone mentions it to be an early port release for Windows Phone but, the VLC team member at VideoLan, Thomas Nigro has tweeted about it being a bug fixing update. The update also fixes the crashes of VLC on different Windows Phone devices but, not all of them are still able to open the app.

VLC can now play FLAC file formats on Windows Phone which makes an amazing addition to the app. You can also play videos in other formats like MP4, FLV, AVI and more.

Thomas has also announced that the private beta which was released in late December last year won’t be updated anymore instead, all future updates and features would be part of the public version downloadable from the link below.

The update also changes the name of VLC to ‘VLC beta’ on Windows Phone mentioning it clearly as beta version. It is an early beta so, expect bugs in it and some of the features might not work completely so, you might want to hang up a bit before posting a negative review on a beta product.

VLC update is now available for download from Store and will be installed automatically to your phone. Otherwise, you may manually install the update by following the instructions in this article.

Download VLC public beta

VLC public beta WP


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