[Video] How to View All the Open and Active Metro Style and Desktop Apps in Windows 8


Viewing all the opened/active Metro-Style and desktop apps in Windows 8 is very easy and can be done by just pressing two buttons.

Windows 8 supports multitasking between Metro-Style apps as well as desktop apps simultaneously. But, when working on lots of Metro and desktop apps at the same time, switching between apps and finding the desired one can be very annoying. Microsoft seems familiar with that problem and has included an option of viewing all the open apps with just press of two keys.

How to view all the open apps?

  • While multitasking and using either Metro-Style apps or desktop or both, just press ‘Alt + Tab’ and a pop-up window would open showing all the active Metro and desktop apps.
  • That’s all

Multi tasking between Metro Style and desktop apps can be done by Snap feature. Users with low resolution PC’s can view this tutorial on How to Enable Aero Snap Feature in PC’s With Lower Resolution Using Windows 8.

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