[Video] How to Restrict Access to Registry Editor in Windows 8


Registry editor controls many important functions in Windows 8. This tutorial would show, how to restrict access to registry editor in Windows 8 without using any third party app.

Registry can be used to get the old start menu style instead of Metro-UI and aero snap feature can also be switched on for low resolution machines but, it can can be disabled which would also stop the mentioned changes to be done/undone.

Just follow the insructions below to disable registry editor and there is also a video embedded at the end of this article.


  • Press ‘Windows + R’.
  • ‘Run’ command would open.
  • Type ‘gpedit.msc’ in the search box and press ‘ok’.
  • Local Group Policy Editor’ would open.
  • Navigate to

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System

  • In ‘System’, search for ‘Prevent access to registry editing tools’ and open it.
  • Select ‘Enabled’ and press ‘ok’
  • Now, again Press ‘Windows + R’.
  • In the search box type ‘regedit’ and press ‘ok’
  • You would be denied access to registry and error ‘Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator’ would show.
  • Now, nobody would be able to access the ‘registry editor’ unless you turn off that option.
  • That’s all




Ahmad Wahid

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