How to use Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 to look for meaning of any word


Cortana, the personal voice-based digital assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 has got a lot of awesome features like the ability to identify songs, suggest you nearby places, remind and search for you and much more. Another exciting feature of Cortana is the ability to get the meaning of any word by just asking her.


Microsoft has slowly been updating the Cortana and the digital assistant has been getting new features regularly. Now, the Redmond giant has added the capability to look and give you meanings of words by looking for them in dictionary.

Simply launch Cortana (Here is how you can launch it directly from lock screen) and ask her to ‘define [your word]’ where you ‘your word’ would be replaced with word whose meaning you want to look e.g. I asked her to ‘define Godspeed’.

Cortana will search for the meaning of the word you searched and will give you the meaning of the word from a dictionary where most of the meanings are from Oxford Dictionary.

Tip: Cortana will only find the meaning of the words which belongs to dictionary whereas, slang words and words from outside dictionary might not be useful.

You can ask Cortana for meaning of any such word and hopefully, she will look it up for you.

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Ahmad Wahid

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