Update for OneDrive app of Windows Phone 8.1 adds ‘Recycle Bin’ option


Microsoft has just released an update for the pre-installed OneDrive app of Windows Phone 8.1 which adds the ability to access Recycle Bin from within the app.


Microsoft has been continuously improving the OneDrive app of Windows Phone 8.1 and previously, the ability to see download/upload progress and file downloading support was added. Now, another update has been released adding yet another useful app.

The Change log of the OneDrive app doesn’t mention any changes but, WPCentral reports that the ability to access Recycle Bing has been added in this update.

You can access the Recycle Bing by opening app bar after touching the ‘three dots’ on bottom left corner and then looking for ‘Recycle Bin’ at the end. Recycle Bin will show you all the files which have been deleted by you which will surely save you from accidently deleting any important file from your OneDrive as you can restore it from Recycle Bin.


The update for OneDrive app is now available for download from Windows Store and will be downloaded automatically to your phone. Otherwise, you may manually install the update by following the instructions in this article or by going to app page after scanning the QR code below.



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