Upcoming update for WhatsApp on Windows Phone to add location sharing, archiving and more


WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been in Store since a long time but, it hasn’t got an update over the past few months. Now, a new update for WhatsApp has been revealed which would add many new features like location sharing, captioning for photos/videos, photo cropping, archive support and much more.


The update which would be released very soon for WhatsApp on Windows Phone was revealed on the Reddit by a user who got early access to the updated version.

The change log of the WhatsApp on Windows Phone has got the following changes:

  • Location sharing capabilities
  • Captioning support for photos/videos
  • Ability to crop and rotate photos
  • Ability to archive groups and chat conversations
  • Improvements for high resolution screen

The update for WhatsApp will bump the version to 2.11.572 whereas, the current version is 2.11.516. The update is expected to be released soon for Windows Phone.

Stay tuned and we will let you know once the update is available in Store. You can also keep checking out for updates from download link below or by following the instructions in this article.

Source: Reddit 

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