Understanding Windows 8.1: Tips & Tricks – Description


Understanding Windows 8.1: Tips and Tricks, priced at just US $9.99, is the first ever paperback book on Amazon and Kindle about the new version/update of flagship OS of Microsoft. In this book, the authors have tried to present easy and practical approach to search out the solution to the 350+ aspects of Windows 8.1. In the 7 chapters of Amazon and Kindle editions of this book, 240+ images / screenshots of all newly-added aspects of Windows 8.1 have been explored, in easy and simple, yet understandable English.

Understanding Windows 8.1: Tips & Tricks - The Book
Understanding Windows 8.1: Tips & Tricks – The Book

The Black and White edition of this book with low price is an attempt to keep the book within easy access of the users as extra lower price was not feasible. The next colored edition will be a high price edition. US $9.99 is just a token price.

In the 232 pages of this book, 7 chapters included are about; Introduction, Unlocking the PC, Start Screen (Modern – UI), Charms Bar, PC Settings, Desktop and Modern UI Integration and Snap.

All the newer and recently added aspects of Windows 8.1 have been explored in this text, ignoring the previous version(s) of Windows 8.

Every attempt is made to explore all the newly-added functions of Windows 8.1. First of all, the screenshots of the default are secured and then different practical steps to modify the same, according to the need of the user, are suggested, again with the help of the screenshot of the solved-query.

As, after the release of Windows 8.1, the update of Windows 8, on June 26, it was really difficult to write up this book in a short span of time but the challenge was accepted.

The readers may find many flaws in this book, but remember; the many hidden aspects and functions of Windows 8.1 are still missing from the eyes of the users. Unending daily downloads are awaiting on the thresh holds of the Windows. Still, one must remember; The Rome was not built in a day.


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