Twitter app for Windows 8/RT gets its first ever update to fix bugs


Twitter finally released the official app for Windows 8/RT last week and that app has proved its awesomeness. Now, the app has got an update in Store which fixes bugs and introduce some improvements.

Twitter app for Windows 8/RT gets its first ever update to fix bugs

Although, apps in Store regularly get bug updates but, Twitter has got the first update and it tends to fix some bugs but, the changelog of the app only states “Other improvements and fixes”.

Neowin contacted the Twitter spokesman about the update and was replied with it being a just minor bug fix update. I also didn’t notice any visible change in the app after installing the latest update.

The update is now available for download from Store and can be downloaded by following the instructions in this tutorial.

Be sure to just try! check out our Twitter app review to get familiar with this new Twitter app for Windows 8/RT.

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